Monday, March 8, 2010


I don't know if I have written about this before and I'm too lazy to go back and look. SO with my job, I have no time for anything. Plus my church calling is in Primary and we have lots of things to plan. I feel like i have no time for anything. PLus, I want to be able to keep up with the house, but when I am done with work, I just want to do absolutly NOTHING! ANd then wehn I see the messes, I get so frustrated. I want to be Wonder Woman. And when I actually have a d or two off from work, cleaning is the last thing I want to do. I feel like my life worth is dwindling . I'm sick of things becoming routine.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So it definitely has been awhile since I last wrote ion this blog. I have just been working a lot and getting side tracked all the time. We moved into a new apartment the 1st of December. It's a townhouse and I love it, b/c it forces us to not be in our room all the time. We spent Christmas with Brad's older brother Todd and his family up in Conroe.

For New years we spent the evening with a great family from our ward. We had fireworks, and deer sausage, and Trivial Pursuit:80's Edition. Even though I was born In 86', was was still able to answer a good amount of questions. It helps to have sisters who remember the 80's and also the fact that I love trivia and History.

I have probably mentioned this before, but it felt like my life was spirialing out of control last Friday. I had to come to the realization of being apart from my family. Even Brad's family. I never had to worry about that growing up. My family wasn't big. My Dad's parents and one aunt lived behind us in the ghetto apartment complex and his other sister and my cousins lived 10 minutes away. My mom's mom lived 90 minutes away and we considered that far. Now, my family lives 1800 or more miles away. Brad's family is scattered as well. One brother 2 hours away in Conroe, His mom and Other brother in Corpus, and another brother in Oklahoma. It's a big shock for me to not be able to see them on a daily or weekly basis. It's a part of life that I have to get use to.

Since we moved we don't have cable or internet hookups, so we were using the signals from the college students that lived by us. When they left for Christmas break, we haven't been able to use the internet. It's been kind of refreshing to step back from it. But I will continue to try to update my blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I had a great day off today. I went to the Church and we had a Super Saturday craft session. I made a family plaque, 2 sets of Prophet memory games, and a B-day card for my mom. I can't wait to start making my own cards. I think that might be my new favorite thing to do.

I left the craft session early to be at a baptism. I didn't know the person, but to see the gentleman going throught the same steps I did was amazing. And I love seeing the Restoration movie. It strengthens my testimony everytime.

Brad and I ate at Jason's Deli and had the Salad Bar. I love the dressings there. We went to Chow and Russ's place to watch BYU get crushed. But I was happy to see Chow. Since she goes to Baylor I don't get to see her as much.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Close, yet so far...

I have no girlfirends to talk to that are near me. Everyone is in CC, and we all got married and have different lives. Someone who I consider my Best friend (Kami) lives far far away in Utah. Here in San Marcos, there are people, but they have their own lives. and they are off going to school. Plus the peopleat work are all in school and they party.

I can't wait to move out of these apartments. At least that the plan.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Takes the cake

Friday, I went around looking for a place to cut my hair. I couldn't find the first place, and the second had a wait. Since I had to pick up Brad from work, I decided to try this new place by my house. I was nervous when I was in there b/c the lady didn't take me to the back to wash my hair. She cut my hair dry. I was freaking out. It didn't turn out too bad. I think I might cut two more inches in the back. Pictures to come soon. My mother-in-law ended up not coming to our place. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out.

Saturday, I had work from 10-2pm. When Brad came to get me, we checked out 2 apartments. The first one was nice. Had a big leasing office/clubhouse. We checked an apartment that had a lot of space, and storage/closet space. And the price was reasonable. But, to our dismay we made "too much" money. Then the next one we saw was really nice, but it costs more. I'm torn. I like the last one we saw, but I want to be able to take the extra money that we will have and put towards paying stuff off. After apt hunting, we played frisbee and football in the park. Later that night we watched the UFC fights. INSANE! We ate too much on Saturday. But it was a good day.

Sunday was interesting. We practiced for the Primary Program on the 13th of September. Then we had a meeting with the Stake leaders. I only got to sleep for 3 hours before I had to go to work at 10pm. We had to do the new floor set. We didn't have enough people and we were suppose to get out at 3am, but we didn't get out until 5:30.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


My work called me and said that they needed me to come in at 11. So, I went in and stayed until 5-5:30. We went to the Darnell's for dinner and Temple Prep Classes. All I can say is WOW!

What I like about ot is that there are two other women who are taking them too. What is reallt great is that we know there family. The women are sisters and Brad's family and their family have known each other for over thirty years. Anyway, we went over some things, and I already knew about them, but it was nice to have other people there discussing things. I also had some light shed on me about questions I had.

I'm on call tomorrow from 10-7pm. I want the hours but my mother-in-law is suppose to be coming, and I want to get my haircut as well. I will write more tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time changes

Hey there! The reason for my title is because what I am writing about happened on tuesday and Wednesday, but I'm writing it 1am Thursday. LOL. Well, Tuesday I Had a Primary Presidency meeting at 10am. It went well. Then I went Apartment hunting. I thought it would go well, but then I became discouraqged. I don't want/need anything fancy. The first two places I went to look at were nice and had a good amount of space at a decent price. The problem with them is that in order to get into them, you need to make a certain amount to live there. Brad and I make "too much" to live there. We aren't on the bottom of the barrel, but we aren't rolling in the money either. And what gets me is that other apartments check your credit score to get in. So there is another barrier that blocks us. My credit isn't so good b/c of my school loans. I am all for helping people who need it and try to better themselves, but i'm upset that there are people cheating the system, and get to live in a nicer place. Yes that might be jealousy or envy, but why should I get stuck in a cruddy place and pay for others to be able to pick their own customized colors on their walls? I'm stuck in the middle. I pressed on in the day and found two places that were decent. Both were townhome layouts. I still have more hunting to do. I hope I can find something soon.

After walking around in the heat andpicking Brad up from work, I took a nap and Brad went to Scouts. I was asleep for maybe 15 minutes when all I hear is a loud siren outside. I pop up and look out my window. Its 2 firetrucks, an ambulence, and a cop car right in front of my window. I'm still half asleep mind you, and I'm thinking my place is on fire. I have a Cami and boxer shorts on, so I rush to get dressed, grab all the cash we have in the house, my VonZipper Debutantes, and my purse. It turns out that the people in the apartment above and behind me decided to BBQ on there patio, which is a big NO NO. They put it out in time. Not too much damage.

Wednesday, nothing major. I didn't have work, so I bummed aroud the house until Brad came home. We went to the outlets and we each got a new pair of running shoes to work out in. They were 40% off! I am horrible at making decisions and out of 6 pairs, I made a choice. when I was gathering the shoes that I didn't want, brad points out a pair I didn't try on. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? So then I was there contemplating between 2 pairs. I chose the pair he said I didn't try, and now I'm regretting them. LOL> I blame it all on him. After the 10 minutes storm that rolled into town we went for a walk. I didn't like the way the sneakers felt, and I had a tiff. We cut our walk short due to the lightning still being close to us. I will try the sneaks out a little longer, Hopefuly my paycheck is good, because I might have to get the pair I chose first.

Tomorrow , or shall I say today, If I don't have to go in for my oncall, I am going to get my hair cut. Nothing too drastic, just some layers and thinning out. I will write more later!