Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time changes

Hey there! The reason for my title is because what I am writing about happened on tuesday and Wednesday, but I'm writing it 1am Thursday. LOL. Well, Tuesday I Had a Primary Presidency meeting at 10am. It went well. Then I went Apartment hunting. I thought it would go well, but then I became discouraqged. I don't want/need anything fancy. The first two places I went to look at were nice and had a good amount of space at a decent price. The problem with them is that in order to get into them, you need to make a certain amount to live there. Brad and I make "too much" to live there. We aren't on the bottom of the barrel, but we aren't rolling in the money either. And what gets me is that other apartments check your credit score to get in. So there is another barrier that blocks us. My credit isn't so good b/c of my school loans. I am all for helping people who need it and try to better themselves, but i'm upset that there are people cheating the system, and get to live in a nicer place. Yes that might be jealousy or envy, but why should I get stuck in a cruddy place and pay for others to be able to pick their own customized colors on their walls? I'm stuck in the middle. I pressed on in the day and found two places that were decent. Both were townhome layouts. I still have more hunting to do. I hope I can find something soon.

After walking around in the heat andpicking Brad up from work, I took a nap and Brad went to Scouts. I was asleep for maybe 15 minutes when all I hear is a loud siren outside. I pop up and look out my window. Its 2 firetrucks, an ambulence, and a cop car right in front of my window. I'm still half asleep mind you, and I'm thinking my place is on fire. I have a Cami and boxer shorts on, so I rush to get dressed, grab all the cash we have in the house, my VonZipper Debutantes, and my purse. It turns out that the people in the apartment above and behind me decided to BBQ on there patio, which is a big NO NO. They put it out in time. Not too much damage.

Wednesday, nothing major. I didn't have work, so I bummed aroud the house until Brad came home. We went to the outlets and we each got a new pair of running shoes to work out in. They were 40% off! I am horrible at making decisions and out of 6 pairs, I made a choice. when I was gathering the shoes that I didn't want, brad points out a pair I didn't try on. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? So then I was there contemplating between 2 pairs. I chose the pair he said I didn't try, and now I'm regretting them. LOL> I blame it all on him. After the 10 minutes storm that rolled into town we went for a walk. I didn't like the way the sneakers felt, and I had a tiff. We cut our walk short due to the lightning still being close to us. I will try the sneaks out a little longer, Hopefuly my paycheck is good, because I might have to get the pair I chose first.

Tomorrow , or shall I say today, If I don't have to go in for my oncall, I am going to get my hair cut. Nothing too drastic, just some layers and thinning out. I will write more later!

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