Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a survivor!

Haven't written in awhile. I am glad to say that I survived Tax-Free Weekend. I worked the Friday and Saturday. I worked 7am-4pm on Friday. It didn't start to get bust until 1pm. I was working with the denim my whole shift. Sometimes I get frustrated with it b/c there are some people out there who have no manners and think they can throw things around. And I think that some people don't think before they speak. That has happened to me a couple of times, I'll admit it. But to ask me what size comes after 7/8 is ridiculous. LOL. I must say that when I am working in the denim is always a mess, but it wasn't that bad. It's been WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY worse. For some reason, the last hour of my shift took forever to end. Once I got out, I went to support a friend at his Eagle Scout Court thing.

Saturday, I had work from 8-1. I got to be on register. I like working in other parts of the store, but the register is my favorite. I like to help people out with sales, and see where they are from. One time there were customers that lived in the town right next to mine up in Jersey! I don't know if anybody else would think that was cool, but I thought it was. Back to Saturday, It went by fast. And then my mother-in-law satyed with us that night. After working in the San Antonio temple, she will drive to our place and stay the night.

Sunday, was kinda hectic. We only had one class that had their teachers so we had to scramble to find subs. We made it out ok. We are practicing for our Primary Program September 13th.

I will write more tomorrow!

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